Ireland: Hurricane tears roof at Turners Cross

source:; author: michał

Ireland: Hurricane tears roof at Turners Cross Ophelia brought distress in Ireland, where high winds caused significant damage and one confirmed casualty. One of the outcomes is collapse of roof over part of Turners Cross stadium.


Quite recently we enjoyed the amazing video from Wolfsburg, where storm Xavier caused the roof of Volkswagen Arena to dance. Today in Cork high winds, this time part of hurricane Ophelia, raised the roof of Turners Cross stadium and part of it gave way.

Roughly a third of the roof above the smallest north stand (Derrynane Stand, seating 1,128) collapsed. While the structure didn't fall onto seating below it, the stadium will require significant repairs.

As of now there has been no official statement from Cork City FC, likely champions of Ireland, who were expected to play Derry City at the ground tomorrow. If all remaining stands are deemed safe, the game could theoretically still be played but at this point it seems unlikely. Especially with pieces of stadium equipment being thrown around the ground and outside, to people's yards.

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