England: Hotel at Mansfield stadium still possible?

source: NottinghamPost.com; author: michał

England: Hotel at Mansfield stadium still possible? While we only found out about the plan now, it's already quite uncertain. But the hotel at Mansfield Town stadium might still happen, if local councillor is to be believed.


Mansfield Town FC owner John Radford revealed information about his plans to add a hotel to One Call Stadium. Mr Radford says he first discussed plans with the mayor on January 30, before a second meeting on September 19.

However, he was then persuaded by officials into filing a different bid, for the hotel to stand on the site of old bus station at Rosemary Street. Radford did so but it has now been revealed that a hotel will indeed get built there, simply by a different bidder.

The team owner is obviously disappointed and expressed lack of trust in how the talks and proceedings were carried out. “After paying fees for architects and surveyors, I was both surprised and disappointed that my bid had been rejected. In truth, it feels like I may have been led up the garden path.” he said.

Mr Radford said he had a desire to help Mansfield prosper and will now “carefully consider advancing proposals” for a new hotel at the football ground.

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