Budapest: Storm Herwart didn't spare MTK stadium

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Budapest: Storm Herwart didn't spare MTK stadium It's the third strong storm in October that brings stadium-related news. This time the modern MTK stadium in Budapest had part of its roof membrane torn. Some Hungarian media mock the project, but should they?


“Stadium for 7.2 billion forints beaten by wind” - that's how some headlines in Hungarian media looked yesterday. The new Nandor Hidegkuti Stadium in Budapest indeed suffered from minor damage but it shouldn't be mocked outright. Cases like this aren't too rare in new stadia, even if it should safely withstand wind of under 130 km/h.

Nandor Hidegkuti Stadium© MTK Budapest

Instead, two strips of membrane over the east stand were damaged enough to force their removal. However, neither taxpayers, nor the 2nd-league MTK Budapest have to face cost of upcoming repairs. It will be covered by insurance.

Membrane manufacturer Graboplan started working on replacement membrane already the next day and by weekend the damage will not be noticable. There is no risk of upcoming game against ZTE (Nov 12) being rescheduled.

It's already the third stadium-related piece of news recently regarding a storm hitting Europe. In early October we enjoyed video from Wolfsburg, where local stadium bravely withstood Xavier. Later more disturbing news came from Cork, which saw part of the roof at Turners Cross collapse.