Brooks High School with its new $3 million stadium

source: press release; author: michał

Brooks High School with its new $3 million stadium Rival high schools will be playing their first football game at the new Brooks high school which has constructed its new $3 million stadium in Roseland on Saturday.


The first game between Gwendolyn Brooks College preparatory school between Perspectives Leadership Academy will begin at noon on Saturday in the new stadium, which the designer said was another way to bring the people within the community together. He didn't mention it could also be a meeting place for the community to exchange soccer betting tips, but just said it was a destination for people from within the community to come together to see positive things happening.

The Stadium has the capacity to seat 700 people but the designers are working on getting funding to increase the capacity of the stadium.

Before the commencement of the event, it is expected that parents, students, and a lot of people apart from the alumni will accumulate for a celebration with Beale city and officials from Chicago public schools who will be present for the ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10 AM. Alexandria Anderson the US track and field champion has been invited as a special guest and will also be present.

Beale mentioned that the state of the art stadium for Brooks, which can host multiple sports, will add value to the historic neighbourhood which is already popular.

The Stadium has a playing surface, which can be used at any time during the year and is blue in colour. The stadium can be used for activities like football, soccer along with track and field events and will be one among the only few public schools in Chicago to have a stadium on the campus.

Beale also went on to say he wanted the stadium to be a complete one-stop shop for all the activities listed above which also indicates that free football bets are likely to be offered before long during games which are held.

The objective of the stadium is to ensure education retains its priority but also to create an environment, which is capable of producing smart athletes that have all the skills, required and see the stadium as another Avenue to achieve the objective they have.

The visions for the Stadium extend beyond the neighbourhood said, Beale, because he wanted to see the stadium being used by local sports teams and other schools and not just limited to the school because constructed in. Efforts are ongoing to bring an indoor sport facility within the stadium.

The entire effort is aimed at creating something special around the far south side to ensure people want to participate in the community, stay within the community and also utilize the amenities, which have been put together. The stadium constructed by the Brooks High School will certainly provide the impetus needed by highly skilled athletes to perform and bring accolades for their school and themselves. The fact that the Brooks school has not compromised on education is a confirmation that it values its core activities even as it makes additional efforts to promote sports for the benefit of highly skilled athletes.