Russia 2018: Nizhny Novgorod stands covered

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Russia 2018: Nizhny Novgorod stands covered It may be just 60% of the whole roof, but all of the auditorium is now covered in Nizhny Novgorod. Polycarbonate panels in three colours form a whirlpool layout, but does it look good? Judge yourselves.


The biggest stadium of the Volga Federal District is looking more and more like a complete venue. We recently showed you significant design changes at the stadium, now there's fresh information about its roof. All of the auditorium is covered.

The cladding consists of polycarbonate panels in white, light blue and blue, which together form a vortex or whirlpool pattern. At the moment they span across 34,000 m2, which represents roughly 60% of the total roof area. Remaining part will cover the large plinth with concourses for fans.

Stadion Nizhny Novgorod© Igor Ivanov, nn_aero, Stroytransgaz

One of the most impressive roof structures we've seen for a stadium of this size, this circular cover will not only weigh 10,000 tons, but also have complete surface of 56,700 m2, making it a truly immense project. To be sustainable in Nizhny Novgorod's climate, the roof will be able to withstand high snow load and will also be heated to avoid ice accumulating.

Stadion Nizhny Novgorod© Stroytransgaz

While the roof is growing, seat installation is lagging behind. According to official announcement from August, all of the lower tier was due for delivery by the end of the month. We're in September and the lower tier seating is far from installed. Official figure for August 31 was 10,500 seats.

This month will see another major milestone as the field will be complete. Its natural portion is already well maintained, now synthetic fibers will be sawn in to create the hybrid turf for 2018 World Cup and legacy use.

All of the 45,000-seat stadium should be operational from January or February onwards, with official handover from contractors expected on December 25.