Stuttgart: Roof replaced, here to stay for 25-30 years

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Stuttgart: Roof replaced, here to stay for 25-30 years Mercedes-Benz Arena in Stuttgart has just received a fresh white membrane coating and looks brand new, at least in bird's view. New membrane should last longer than the old one, up to three decades.


It's the kind of operation that all of the modern membrane-covered stadia have to go through at some point. For Stuttgart's Mercedes-Benz Arena it had to be now, because it's one of the first tensile cable roofs ever to cover a football ground.

Built back in 1993 and at that time award-winning, today it's more of a standard piece of engineering by Schlaich, Bergermann und Partner. The PVC-coated polyester membrane had a lifespan of 20-25 years and 25 would pass next year. This meant it's high time to replace the coating.

Mercedes-Benz Arena

Works began on May 23 and ended officially with presentation of the shiny white roof this week. Tomorrow we'll see the very first home game for VfB Stuttgart this season, marking the team's return to Bundesliga after a year in the second league.

Aside from celebrating promotion, fans should also enjoy the new 34,000 m2 of membrane. Only the inner ring of the roof (built in 2011) wasn't affected by the project.

With the new membrane being more technologically advanced and covered with titanium oxide, this time the lifespan should be extended to 25-30 years. Also, the new roof will be less prone to dirt and tears than the old one.

Altogether the operation consumed €9.75 million, although we should note the price tag also covers extensive anti-corrosion efforts for all of the main steel structure, as well as new rainwater drainage for the roof.

Das Dach der Mercedes-Benz Arena erstrahlt pünktlich zum ersten Heimspiel des VfB Stuttgart in neuem Glanz. Alle Infos und tolle Luftaufnahmen vom Stadion gibt's hier:

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