Romania: Grave error confirmed, further delay possible

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Romania: Grave error confirmed, further delay possible You may remember that story, which was the first of its kind in 16 years of our existence. Two parts of this stadium's roof don't match one-another and now the challenge is to make them fit safely.


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In July we brought you the story of failed construction work in Craiova, Romania. The contractor there was tasked with delivering new stadium's circular roof in four quarters. Each of them stands independently, though they all need to be connected in order for the entire structure to show its designed durability. And they aren't connected.

Two northern quarters were executed at different heights by the contractor, who seemingly wanted to make the problem disappear by literally covering it up. The clumsy efforts were recorded by a local blogger and went viral, gaining nationwide attention. While the company Con-A tried to claim there was no problem, we now have a confirmation that there indeed is one.

Noul Stadion Ion Oblemenco© Gruppo Maxima

Inspectoratul de Stat în Construcții, which is the public construction supervision office, confirmed after a site visit that there is a serious issue. “During the visit on site difficiencies / irregularities were noticed between the designed geometry of the roof and the executed one.” ISC inspectors claim.

Noul Stadion Ion Oblemenco© Gruppo Maxima

Now architects are asked to remedy the situation. The diletation between girders 40 and 41 could potentially be simply covered as initially attempted by the contractor, of course with the two girders first connected with one-another. However, analysis is needed in order to see if the changed geometry will be safe, particularly in terms of wind resistance.

Though the €55-million stadium was initially expected to be ready last year, at this point it would be unwise to bet whether it will open in 2017 at all. New interim mayor of Craiova refuses to give a date.

“Does it matter what day it's ready? The important thing is not to have any problems. It's important for it to be well executed, without haste. And if there is any problem with delays... it's only a problem for the contractors who will pay penalties”, Mihail Genoiu said.