Stadia Designers Cup: Which stadium would you give to Everton?


Stadia Designers Cup: Which stadium would you give to Everton? There's one piece of land and six different concepts. Each of them different and tackling challenges in its own way. Now you decide which one shows the best way forward to Everton's official stadium plan.


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It's surely no secret to you that Everton is considering a brand new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock. Not even considering, they're already working on a scheme and one of the top stadium architects Dan Meis is on the job. The challenge is exceptional because the site is an actual dock, exposed in the northern part of Liverpool's downtown and part of a UNESCO World Heritage list.

Even more challenging is the goal of possibly making the proposed 55,000-seater the main venue of 2022 Commonwealth Games. This would mean design that includes both athletics and football or athletics first and football later.

All the above issues are also faced by participants of Stadia Designers Cup. Third edition of this international competition is focused precisely on Bramley-Moore Dock and new stadium for the Toffees. While it's unofficial and no degree in architecture is needed, surely after seeing the 6 entries you'll find that some good ideas are there! Below you can see one elevation rendering for each concept, but there are plenty more images in the visions' presentations.

Stadia Designers Cup

Which one is the best? That's up to you. The Public Vote is now open and everyone around the world can cast a vote. To do so, please visit the competition's website, then rank the stadiums in order of preference. Please note, you can only award three best entries with 3, 2 and 1-star grades each, while leaving the others unmarked.

The voting form will remain open until midnight on Saturday, July 8 (CET, which means 23:00 in England), while on Sunday the winning design is revealed.

What's next? Ideally, glory, fame and construction of the stadium, but surely not all of it will come true. So the organiser,, funds a personalised statuette and official Everton matchday jersey to the victor. With all entries being listed anonymously there's no telling who could win, however one thing is certain. The next, fourth edition of Stadia Designers Cup will take on a stadium from the winner's country as its subject!

Stadia Designers Cup