Kyiv: Major revamp at Dynamo's old home


Kyiv: Major revamp at Dynamo's old home Historic stadium of Dynamo Kyiv is undergoing the largest redevelopment in years. Afterwards it will return as a Premier League venue and host of the Women's Champions League final.

Recent weeks at the Lobnovskyi Dynamo Stadium have been very busy. Throughout June repair works were carried out to the main concrete structure. Fresh paint is now laid and installation of new seats has begun last week.

All of the 16,000+ seats are to be replaced, except for those in the western main stand that were replaced a few years back as part of a smaller project. Aside from new seating, also the running track will be laid anew, now in blue and white, the colors of Dynamo.

But it's not for Dynamo that the stadium is changing. After all, current vice-champions of Ukraine have a contract with NSC Olympiysky. The repairs are carried out in order to host the 2018 Women's Champions League final in May of next year.

The stadium will also return to the Premier League though. Not as host to any Kyiv-based side but rather Olympik Donetsk, who were forced to relocate due to the military conflict in eastern Ukraine. For this reason the redevelopment needs to be carried out by the first game, in July.

Stadion Lobanovskyi

Stadion Lobanovskyi