Bolton: Luxury recliner seats for selected fans


Bolton: Luxury recliner seats for selected fans We can already hear critics of English atmosphere when they see popcorn and recliner seats in front rows. But now, that's not a standard thing, just a marketing project.

Bolton Wanderers are returning to England's second division (Championship) and there's a surprise waiting ahead of the 2017/18 season at Macron Stadium. The front row of main stand has been equipped with four large recliner seats covered in leather for extra comfort.

Each with its own table and cup holder, these will be the most comfortable and closest to the field across all the stadium. Unparalleled sightlines and proximity of the footballers have been paid for by the organiser of this marketing campaign.

That's right, it's not a corporate offer like in American NFL. This season-long campaign will allow new fans to take a comfy seat and enjoy popcorn with free soft drinks every game. To get one of these seats supporters will be invited to take part in social media competitions.

The goal is to promote a local cinema, recently refurbished and now being one of the best in northern England, equipped solely with seats like these. Judging by the smiles on faces of defensive players Andrew Taylor and Mark Beevers, they're really nice!

Bolton Wanderers campaign

Bolton Wanderers campaign