Miami: Beckham gets stadium land

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Miami: Beckham gets stadium land David Beckham on Tuesday finally secured land to build a soccer stadium in Miami, after county commissioners approved selling him three acres for $9 million.


Yesterday the Miami-Dade commissioners took a vote that – as expected – gave the green light to sell land to David Beckham's MLS ownership group. With 9 votes in favour and 4 against the 3-acre plot is now going to Beckham for $9 million.

A short walk from the Miami River, the two-block (9-acre) expanse would house a 25,000-seat football-specific stadium with an open roof and no parking spaces.

While important, having the land is not the end of the road. Now Beckham must get the city of Miami to approve his stadium with some opposition from residents of nearby Spring Garden.

Under the terms of the no-bid deal to purchase a county truck depot in Overtown, Beckham’s group agreed to spend at least $175 million building a soccer stadium that will employ at least 50 people full time. For the first time since launching his Miami MLS bid in 2013, David Beckham now has full control of a viable stadium site.

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