New design: Beckham to finally seal the deal for Overtown?


New design: Beckham to finally seal the deal for Overtown? There's only 1 hectare of land left to be bought by David Beckham and his partners. If sale gets approved and project accepted by the community, this is where the next MLS stadium gets built.


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This concept was first presented back in December of 2015, it seems like ages have passed. Especially that Overtown is already the fourth district of Miami where David Beckham is hoping to build his MLS stadium. And it's possibly the most constrained plot of all four, neighboured tightly by residential buildings.

Miami MLS Stadium

Building a stadium here will be possible only when Beckham secures all the possible land. Last year his MLS ownership group managed to buy 6 acres (2.4 hectares) of privately-owned land. There are still 3 more acres (1.2 hectare) waiting for purchase.

This time it's public land, currently used as depot for county sewage trucks. Since it's public land, it should be sold in an open procedure rather than simply to Beckham's MLS group.

In order to allow Beckham to acquire it outright, it needs to be proven that the stadium will be a major assett for the community. And in order to do that, consultation with local residents is planned for the upcoming weeks.

Miami MLS Stadium

As far as we were managed to find, there is noticable opposition to the plan among the community, which proved to have a very negative impact in previous three proposed locations. However, if Beckham manages to purchase the remaining acres for market value of $9 million, the Overtown Stadium project is very likely to go forward.

With 25,000 seats, the new MLS stadium is expected to cost some $200 million, but we understand that estimate is dated and we should wait for further details to be revealed.