Berlin: Not everyone happy about Hertha's plan

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Berlin: Not everyone happy about Hertha's plan Athletes oppose the vision of football-specific Olympiastadion but so do many average citizens of Berlin. Recent survey suggests almost 40% don't want any further reconstruction.

Exactly a week ago we wrote about Hertha's latest plan: reconstruction of Olympiastadion into a football-only venue. Unexpectedly the city agreed to further examine the option, which was previously considered as a no-starter.

The reason for such change is depicted in the below renderings. This animated image shows how GMP Architekten suggest the stadium could be revamped. Lowered field and a steeper lower tier that could host as many as 50,000+ people itself.


The upper ring and current roof would remain as they are now. However, for games with lowered demand there would be a multimedia curtain. This means flexibility capacity-wise, ranging from 55,000 to 70,000 people. There is no option of including a running track, though, which in recent days caused significant opposition from local and national athletic associations.

Earlier today another portion of local opposition was revealed as pollster Civey revealed latest survey results of Berliners. Out of 2,026 citizens asked, almost 40% were against intervention into the existing Olympiastadion. The idea received least support from seniors, almost 50% of people over 65 years old were in favour of leaving it as it is.

The idea of building a new stadium was chosen by just over a fifth of the respondents, new stadium elsewhere in Berlin enjoyed under 14% and the concept of Hertha moving out of Berlin had less than 5% of people in favour. Below is the overall result of this survey: