Ukraine: Eurovision in Kyiv requires seats from Lviv

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Ukraine: Eurovision in Kyiv requires seats from Lviv Roughly 7,000 seats from Arena Lviv will be transported from Arena Lviv to Kyiv in order to satisfy demand of Eurovision semifinals and final.


As confirmed by Arena Lviv operator, the stadium in western Ukraine has signed a very unusual contract with Kyiv's MVC Expo (International Exhibition Centre). A fifth of the stadium's seat are being be leased for the duration of this year's Eurovision.

The event will be held on May 9-13 and MVC Expo doesn't have permanent seating capacity, which requires a temporary solution. Overall each of the Eurovision's events will be attended by 11,000 people and some 7,000 of them will be seated on Arena Lviv's seats.

Arena Lviv

What's perhaps most interesting about the deal is the fact that the leased seats are of exactly the same kind (and colour!) as those installed at Kyiv's NSK Olimpiysky and yet MVC will use seats that need to be transported from 540 kilometers and then returned!

First transports have already arrived in Kyiv, while thousands of removed seats await for lorries in Lviv. Loss of capacity until late May won't influence Arena Lviv's operation, because FK Karpaty aren't using all of the stadium's capacity.

The western Ukrainian stadium will receive UAH 500,000 for the operation, which is roughly $18,600.