Oslo: Fans chip in to make their new stand more cosy

source: StadiumDB.com

Oslo: Fans chip in to make their new stand more cosy Vålerenga will only get their new stadium later this year, but already now supporters are crowdfunding additional walls to boost acoustics and comfort.

Norwegian football supporters are known for being well-off. Buses with built-in bars, financial reserves to pay for players – these are some of the headlines from Norway over the years. Now a more pragmatic community initiative is going on, launched by Vålerenga’s Klanen supporters trust.

The group is planning to do some redecorating at the new Valle Hovin stadium. The south stand, which will be their new home for years to come, is about to get new outer walls. Their purpose is to protect fans from cold winds and improve acoustics.

Valerenga Stadion

Since no walls were planned by Vålerenga themselves, it’s up to the fans. Total cost is expected to be quite high, at 900,000 or even 1 million kroner (€ 98,000 – 109,000). Of that money supporters and their partners quietly secured roughly half already.

To get going they’ve also launched a crowdfunding campaign with the goal at €21,000. Opened in late March, the crowdfunding effort is now at almost 70% of the goal with 12 days left. If Klanen succeed, the extra walls are to be built as the stadium opens in Autumn this year.

Valerenga Stadion