London: Site clearance continues for Brentford FC’s stadium


London: Site clearance continues for Brentford FC’s stadium It’s been a month since they began, now comes the challenging part: salvaging a historic stable building while demolishing it at the same time.

Brentford FC began clearing the site of their proposed Lionel Road stadium exactly one month ago. Most of the triangular plot is either vacant or occupied by industrial buildings ready for demolition.

One notable exception is the old stable block dating back to 1870. It’s listed as historic and Brentford FC agreed to salvage as much of it as possible despite planned demolition.

The building has now nearly been completely demolished and work is underway to salvage and clean the bricks – something that was agreed as part of project's agreement with Hounslow Council.

Recently it was also requested for Brentford FC to save the window frames and pulley system from the stables.

Thankfully other parts of the stadium site aren’t as problematic and we should see actual construction of the 20,000-seater follow soon. Currently the club estimate all work is going along schedule, which foresees delivery of the new stadium in 2019.

Lionel Road

Lionel Road