Cardiff: Spring cleaning ahead of Champions League final

source: Wales News Service /; author: michał

Cardiff: Spring cleaning ahead of Champions League final The clash between Europe’s strongest clubs is just 6 weeks away and preparations are in full swing in Cardiff. With some workers literally swinging on ropes…


June 3 is the night when roughly 200 million people will turn their eyes to Cardiff for UEFA Champions League final. We already know that one team from Madrid will take part in the game, we also know that the host venue is undergoing special preparations before being handed over to UEFA for event branding.

Formerly known as Millennium Stadium and now branded as Principality Stadium, the building will revert to its former name for the June 3 night. It will also revert to its look of a brand new project, as it was when opened 17 years ago.

Special cleaning efforts were made with regard to the stadium’s most iconic feature – the four 90-meter tall masts. Each of them was cleaned by a specialized team of abseilers who removed the dust gathered over the years.

And it was a spectacular operation, as depicted below. That photo is not upside down. The man is, hanging on ropes over 30 meters above the panement!

Cardiff Millennium Stadium