Stadium of the Year 2016: Reason 23, Stadion Zwickau


Stadium of the Year 2016: Reason 23, Stadion Zwickau It meets our minimum capacity requirement only minimally and may well be the simplest stadium of all 29 nominees. But that’s not an issue, quite the opposite.

Zwickau, like many industrial cities of the former DDR, sees decreasing population almost year after year. They’ve lost some 50,000 people since WWII ended and now only have a population of 90,000. No wonder the stadium built here is economic and fits their financial capacity, even if it may seem modest on the Stadium of the Year list.

Stadion Zwickau

It also fits the demand. Though FSV Zwickau recently won promotion to 3. Liga, the team hardly needs more than 10,000 on matchdays. However, should they avoid relegation and move upwards to the 2. Bundesliga and even the top tier, this stadium allows fast and cheap increase, with corners left empty and profiled in a way that needs little interference to fill with extra seating/terracing.

Stadion Zwickau© FSV Zwickau /

A lot of empty space in each corner could cause the matchday atmosphere to disrupt neighbours’ lives, but the stadium was built in a place where it has no direct neighbours. In fact, it’s part of a major revitalization plan for Zwickau’s demolished housing estates, which had been uninhabited for a long time.

It may have went slightly over budget compared to plans, but this stadium offers all necessary facilities. We may argue its simplicity has some ‘old school’ charm, too! Is it enough to get your support?

Stadion Zwickau