Stadia Designers Cup: Start your engines and design for Everton

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Stadia Designers Cup: Start your engines and design for Everton In three months we’ll see what could be built at the Bramley-Moore Dock. If not the official concept, then surely the grassroots ones taking part in Stadia Designers Cup.


If you’re an Everton fan reading this, please know we have no latest update about the planned Bramley-Moore Dock stadium. Everton have not sacked the famous Dan Meis as architect, it’s a completely independent story…

While the Toffees negotiate with Peel and analyse what can be built at the northern Liverpool docks, third edition of Stadia Designers Cup begins, asking stadium enthusiasts to do exactly what Everton are doing! If you’re into architecture and design, you may face the challenge yourself. But brace yourself too, it’s a real test.

First, to enter the competition you have to tackle the same difficult plot that Everton are faced with. Bramley-Moore Dock has tricky layout and two Grade II monuments (hydraulic tower and retaining walls), which have to be preserved.

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Fitting a football stadium there is a hurdle itself, but that’s not the end. There's an additional (although only optional!) task: the stadium has to be convertible in order to host both Everton’s Premier League games and the 2026 Commonwealth Games, for which Liverpool is currently bidding. With a running track it needs to hold no fewer than 30,000 people, in the football mode no less than 55,000. How you achieve this is up to you. It might be done like the Manchester City stadium (athletic mode first, then permanent football mode), like London Stadium (changing from one to another every summer) or like the recent host Hampden Park (lower seats covered with temporary platform only for the Commonwealth).

What a fascinating task that is! And, since we probably won’t see the official design within the next couple of months, let’s give Everton supporters a view of what could be built in the docks.

There’s enough time to create a stunning concept with entry deadline set for June 18. Be sure to check all @StadiaDC regulations at, where the official Stadia Designers Cup thread is open for consultation.

If the glory of designing a captivating stadium for Everton isn’t enough for you, author of the winning concept will also receive an personalised glass statuette and an Everton match jersey. And there’s one more added benefit from winning. The next edition of Stadia Designers Cup will be devoted to a stadium from the winner’s homeland. Now go and design, the three-month countdown has just begun. is the official media partner of Stadia Designers Cup, alongside and Passione Stadi.

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