England: Grimsby stadium call-in dismissed

source: GrimsbyTelegraph.co.uk; author: michał

England: Grimsby stadium call-in dismissed Extreme Leisure’s 5-year option to buy Peaks Parkway land was recently called in for further scrutiny. Now that call-in has been dismissed.


As reported by the Grimsby Telegraph, members of North East Lincolnshire Council's regeneration, environment and housing scrutiny panel last night dismissed a call-in on the Cabinet's initial decision to give Extreme a five-year option to buy council-owned land off the A16 for the project.

The eight members voted six in favour and two against to push the plans through, which now means Extreme are in the clear to put together a comprehensive planning application outlining the detailed layout and design of the Mariners' new 14,000-seat home.

The plans were initially called in for further scrutiny by Liberal Democrat councillors, who claimed they believe that the developer has "no experience" and "no greenfield site would be safe from development" if plans eventually go ahead.

Monday’s debate was watched by a packed gallery of locals, largely opposing the Extreme Leisure plans. Many people were left outside due to lack of room. Some of those who did have a seat held up banners against the stadium plans, in a silent protest. When the panel dismissed the call-in, the majority decision was greeted by groans from the public gallery.

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