Stuttgart: Preparations begin for Mercedes-Benz Arena roof replacement

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Stuttgart: Preparations begin for Mercedes-Benz Arena roof replacement Right after the season’s last game renovation works will begin at Mercedes-Benz Arena’s roof. Already now preparations are ongoing to meet the August deadline.


When the 2. Bundesliga season ends for Mercedes-Benz Arena on May 21 (after the Würzburger Kickers match), work will immediately begin. The goal: replacing all of the stadium’s 34,000 m2 of membrane and covering the primary steel structure with new anti-corrosion protection.

The time frame is very challenging, as is the operation itself. With the membrane hovering 18-35 meters above the ground, it requires significant skills to replace.

And it should be noted that Mercedes-Benz Arena is the world’s first stadium with this kind of roof, which needs to undergo complete replacement of its cover. Built in 1993, the roof was the first done by engineers of SBP, currently a leading practice in this field. Membrane lifespan is 25 years, which means next year it would be in dire need of replacement.

Works at Mercedes-Benz Arena need to end before August’s return of VfB Stuttgart. The team is currently a 2. Bundesliga side, but also the most likely contender to win promotion back where it belongs.

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