Stadium of the Year 2016: Reason 4, Ashton Gate

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Stadium of the Year 2016: Reason 4, Ashton Gate Quintessentially British, this robust makeover extended Bristol City stadium’s lifespan for decades and is well worth being on our list!


We’ve got two English stadia on the Stadium of the Year list this year, but only one of them fits the image one has of British grounds. The mix of tradition and modernity at Ashton Gate is very successful, though of course your votes will be the ultimate judgment.

Ashton Gate© MCLH

With £45 million spent over two years, Bristol City FC managed to run a project over 30% cheaper than their previous plan of building a brand new stadium. What they managed to achieve is not only preserve the historical home, but also gain over 6,000 seats and multiply their floor space for other uses.

Ashton Gate© Studio Diva

The new heart of Ashton Gate is the double-tiered west side with over 10,000 seats and all the corporate facilities City have to offer: private boxes, open premium sections and large banqueting areas inside. Meanwhile, the 6,000-seat south stand offers new large pub, coffee shop and club megastore, all wrapped in simple yet attractive architecture.

Ashton Gate© Bristol Sport

While aesthetics is a subjective matter, in Bristol they surely managed to avoid the ‘identikit stadium’ mistake. Upgraded Ashton Gate is instantly recognizable and the investment makes its lifespan longer by at least 20-30 years. It’s also one of few stadiums in Britain to have significant solar farms on the roof, managing to reduce the carbon footprint of Ashton Gate by some 20%.

So if you’re looking for PTFE and fancy design, you might search elsewhere. Here in Bristol the stadium is far more traditional, even if modern, well-delivered and appealing. And that’s a value as well!

Ashton Gate