Italy: Atalanta’s new stadium in 2020?


Italy: Atalanta’s new stadium in 2020? With capacity of 22,000-23,000 covered seats, new football-specific stadium in Bergamo is expected to come before the 2020/21 season. It’s price could reach €30 million.


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The city of Bergamo has officially put Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia on sale. Starting February 20, interested bidders will have 60 days to submit their offers. The building’s current value is set at €7,826,000 and any offer below that price will be rejected.

By the end of 2017 ownership should be changed to private and concept of the revamped ground ready. Atalanta assure they already have a vision of their own, but it’s not at all sure that the club would become actual owners of the building.

At this point only one guarantee towards Atalanta and Albino Leffe (two tenant clubs) is made: they will continue using the stadium until their current lease runs out in 2019. Anything beyond that date is subject to new conditions, to be set later.

Stadio Atleti Azzuri Bergamo

One thing that’s certain is that the stadium will be demolished and largely rebuilt with both teams in mind. To ensure their constant use, gradual replacement of each stand is planned. The north end will come in 2018, south in 2019 and the two sides should be refurbished by mid-2020.

Capacity is capped at 22,000-23,000 people because that’s how many the existing road and parking network enables to come on matchdays. With such capacity and phased works in mind, it’s expected that the project will cost €25-30 million to complete.

One significant restriction covers the east stand. It’s already nearly 90 years old and listed as a historical monument. For that reason its façade (below) is required to be left intact, incorporated into the new stadium. Also, the highly-decorated roof’s inner side needs to be recreated once replaced with new structure.

Stadio Atleti Azzuri Bergamo