Germany: Reconstruction begins next week in Oberhausen

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Germany: Reconstruction begins next week in Oberhausen It's going to happen this time, RWO begin preparation for demolition. After prolonged wait the first grandstand of Niederrheinstadion is about to be rebuilt entirely.


The winter break in German Oberhausen is used to work on temporary access routes to the stadium. In 2017 it will receive the first new grandstand, beginning transition from athletic to football-specific stadium. First goes the northern curve, also known as Emscherkurve.


To date the terrace’s capacity has been 8,000 though such crowds weren’t allowed here for some time. Now, after moving fans closer to the field and thus making the stand shorter, capacity will be significantly reduced. The north end will hold 3,110 people under cover, still without any seats. Eventually the size may be increased by some 1,000.

Demolition of the old landfill stand is scheduled to begin next week but preparatory works began earlier today. The brand new north end, priced at €2.8 million, should be opened by year end.

Similar operation is also anticipated in the south of Niederrheinstadion but it has no detailed schedule as of yet.

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