New stadium: Yes, trains run between players and fans

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New stadium: Yes, trains run between players and fans Whether on facebook, YouTube or just your local sports site, you probably already saw this amazing stadium. The only one we know of with operating railroad between the field and stands.


The latest stadium added to StadiumDB is a bit of a celebrity. The municipal stadium in Čierny Balog (central Slovakia) became famous around the world one year ago, in October 2015. Then a short video clip went viral, showing a steam-locomotive train entering the ground. Whether you live in Argentina, Brazil, England, Mexico, Japan or South Africa, you probably saw it, because it made headlines instantly.

Indeed, field of play and the only grandstand are divided by narrow-gauge rails used by Čiernohronska Railway. During the summer season (from July to September) two trains filled with tourists run through the stadium every day. We may be off-season now, but thanks to Groundhopping Merseburg we’re now able to show you the ground permanently in quality photos!

Stadion v Ciernom Balogu

While the narrow-gauge rail allows passengers to enjoy the beauty of Low Tatras, so does the stadium’s grandstand. It may be small, but the steel structure resting on hillside is steep and offers a very nice panorama of the landscape. It also gives great view of the field, used primarily by players of the amateur side Tatran.

Stadion v Ciernom Balogu© vlareha