Moscow: Luzhniki structurally ready, time for the seats

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Moscow: Luzhniki structurally ready, time for the seats Is this the best possible colour scheme for the 81,000+ seats? It better be, because installation began and is going fast. The field is ready and so is the entire structure, now time for installations and furnishings.


On Friday the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin visited Russia’s national stadium and the heart of the 2018 World Cup. He confirmed that the Luzhniki stadium is structurally delivered.

Of course this doesn’t only mean the stands and roof, because we got used to their new appearance over the last few months. Now it’s also the translucent roof cladding, decorative outer frame, fences and railings and numerous other features. Beneath the expanded roof works are already ongoing to install the ribbon-shaped panoramic screen.

The auditorium is getting what many fans anticipate the most: seats. First ones came in the eastern VIP section, to offer a first glance to the media. But installation of seats is in full swing in the upper east stand, from which it will reach other sections. Metal bars are already installed throughout the stadium, just waiting for seats to be mounted onto them. Perhaps the only surprising choice is the colour scheme. A mixture of beige and claret seats is being installed.

Luzhniki© Комплекс градостроительной политики и строительства города Москвы

First field of its kind in Russia

While most of the stadium’s interior is still grey, the field stands out. Sown in August, it already reached its preferred height and density. When the grass was 3cm high, synthetic fibres were stitched into it. Known as SISGrass, that’s one of the newest hybrid turf technologies which sees a special machine sewing kilometers of polyethylene fibres into the field.

Reinforced this way, the grass takes root faster, can be used more intensively and recovers quickly after non-sporting events. And despite the whole field being covered with synthetic insert, 95% of the surface is natural. Today the grass is thick enough for the field to look perfectly natural and you won’t spot the difference during the World Cup as well.

Luzhniki© Комплекс градостроительной политики и строительства города Москвы

SISGrass is a new solution from the renowned SIS Pitches, but despite not being on the market for even two years, the new hybrids were installed at Chelsea, Derby County, Beşiktaş and over 20 more worldwide.

The Luzhniki field isn’t even the first one in Moscow as Otkritie Arena got its SISGrass just weeks before. But Russia’s largest stadium also utilizes a special subsurface aeration system from the same manufacturer. Prompting air movement by either vacuum or pressure, pipes placed under the field aid grass in growth especially in challenging climates like the one in Moscow.

Waiting for spring

As previously announced, Luzhniki is expected to be delivered by year end. Heating is already turned on throughout the stadium to make sure that weather won’t stop contractors in the final weeks. But we still have to wait until early next year to appreciate the final outcome. Opening is expected to take place in spring, though no specific date has been set so far.