New list: These 20 clubs draw biggest crowds

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New list: These 20 clubs draw biggest crowds Only six countries have any representation in this ranking. Here is the elite list of clubs that manage to draw 46,000 people or more every single game!


Tomorrow we’ll give you the complete 10+ Ranking for the past season (unfortunately later than we hoped), but first here’s the very top of European football. In our Lists section you’ll find the ranking of Top 20 European Clubs’ Attendances. The list will remain there for good, updated after every season.

This year’s edition, based on data from 2015/16 league campaigns, sees relatively few changes. The threshold of joining the elite group of Europe’s most followed clubs is slightly higher than before, at almost 46,000 people per game. There are still no representatives from Scotland as this country's best clubs are ranked just below.

One major surprise is the growth at Benfica which reached the top 20 for the first time since we’ve ran the list in early 2010s. Domination of the safe-standing German terraces comes as absolutely no surprise, just as the faithfulness of fans, even those seeing their clubs relegated (like Newcastle or VfB Stuttgart).

Return of Rangers to the Scottish Premiership should bring a change for the better in Scotland, but at the same time we might see competition growing as well. Just in England West Ham and Liverpool will surely reach stable 50,000+ with their new/upgraded stadia, which will make it harder to reach the European top 20 and might see the only French club gone in a year. After all, PSG cannot expand Parc des Princes even though they could clearly fill further 15,000!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves with next season. For now please enjoy the new list of Top 20 Highest European Clubs Attendances and look out for new lists being added on a weekly basis from now on!

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