Switzerland: The golden stadium to turns into solar farm

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Switzerland: The golden stadium to turns into solar farm Another Swiss stadium will host a solar power plant on its roof. Swissporarena will provide enough clean energy to supply 200 households.


Today the football club FC Luzern announced that Swissporarena will be covered with photovoltaic panels this summer. Altogether 6,862 batteries will be installed atop four stands, leaving only the corners.

The solar farm will transfer up to 900,000 kWh of clean energy to the municipal grid. This represents annual use of 900 people or 200 households. The renewable power source will reduce CO2 emissions by 480 tons per year. Work on the installation will begin in a month, in mid-July. Launch is planned for September.


Thanks to its large size, the new power plant will be among Europe’s largest to be mounted on a stadium, though even domestically not the single largest. Tissot Arena in Biel has over 8,000 panels.

Switzerland is one of the leading countries in Europe, along the Netherlands and Germany, to use solar power in stadium projects. Major venues producing clear energy include St. Jakob Park, Stade de Suisse or Letzigrund.