Brazil: Cruzeiro want to cancel Mineirão lease

source:; author: michał

Brazil: Cruzeiro want to cancel Mineirão lease One of Brazil’s leading clubs is in dispute with stadium operator over the cost of organizing games at the legendary Mineirão. Recently local civil court denied the club’s claims.


In recent days the 32nd Civil Court of Belo Horizonte refused to accept claims by football club Cruzeiro, who have been hoping to cancel their stadium lease at Estádio Governador Magalhães Pinto (Mineirão).

Cruzeiro have not paid their contractual fees for hosting games at the stadium since as far as 2013! Roughly BRL 9.1 million ($2.7m) of fees annually should be paid to the stadium and at this point Cruzeiro owe over BRL 25 million.

The club argued their contract is based on unfavourable terms compared to conditions on which derby rivals Atletico Mineiro were using the same stadium back in July of 2013.

This latest court battle is only one of several claims that both sides have against each other. So far the conflict seems to be far from ending.