Belgium: Genk to have carbon-neutral stadium

source:; author: michał

Belgium: Genk to have carbon-neutral stadium Within 4 years the KRC Genk stadium will reduce its carbon footprint to zero as new energy deal comes into force.


Cristal Arena in Genk used to be one of the very best stadium in Belgium, now it’s aged. And no wonder. Opened 26 years, the stadium underwent several renovations, but needs constant improvement to keep up with the changes across Belgian football.

Today KRC Genk and energy supplier EDF Luminus announced partnership, which includes naming rights. For the next four years the stadium will be called Luminus Arena.

Also within 4 years the club hope to reduce current carbon footprint from 1,100 tons of carbon dioxide to zero. This will be possible with adjusted heating and cooling, including installation of 400 solar panels on the stadium’s roof.

Luminus Arena