Naples: Stadio San Paolo awaiting redevelopment

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Naples: Stadio San Paolo awaiting redevelopment The city of Naples was granted preferential loan to redevelop Napoli’s home stadium. For the first time since 1990 Stadio San Paolo will be given a thorough revamp.


In June (or July at the latest) renovation works are set to begin at Stadio San Paolo in Naples. This will be the very first major upgrade of the building since it hosted the 1990 World Cup. Structurally most of the stadium will remain unchanged, but major changes of the roof are being considered, including replacement of the entire cover.

Much more will change in terms of infrastructure on offer. Fans will be given new seats (meaning capacity decrease to roughly 55,000), toilets and better access routes within the stadium. New giant screens and perimeter fences/gates and improved outer appearance of the stadium are also planned. A secondary goal is better noise insulation to protect local residents on matchdays.

Perhaps most symbolically, the running track will be laid anew. This represents a major approach shift, because earlier numerous redevelopment schemes proposed removing the track and bringing fans closer to  the field. Now the building will remain multi-use for years to come.

All of the works are to be carried out within 2 years, not obstructing regular match use. The city recently received a €25 million ($28.5m) loan from the public Credito Sportivo bank, established specifically to improve the country’s sports infrastructure.