Wales: Supporters take over at the Racecourse

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Wales: Supporters take over at the Racecourse Arguably the world’s oldest stadium is now in possibly the safest hands it could be. For the next 99 years it will be managed by supporters of Wrexham AFC.


Fans of the world’s third oldest club decided to get in charge of one of the oldest existing stadiums. During an special general meeting this week they voted almost unanimously in favour of such scheme.

With 777 votes in favour, 11 opposed and 1 abstain, the fans decided to take care and manage the ground for 99 years, leasing it from the Glyndŵr University. The university agreed to lower the lease from current £200,000+ by 50%.

The decision to take over was taken to better manage Racecourse Ground, which runs on a £200,000 annual loss. A loss that has to be covered by Wrexham AFC, saved in 2011 and now owned by over 4,000 supporters.

Racecourse Ground

Fans now have to do their best to provide a sustainable business model and get out of the red. The club need to secure an extra £200,000 per annum. That’s why fans are urged to use Racecourse more than just to watch the game.

Having their pre-match pint of beer there, campaigning to improve attendance, holding company and family events at Racecourse instead of other venues – all of this will play crucial role.

Fans are also welcome to increase their member fees voluntarily. And Wrexham supporters are generous, as they proved by making the club work since 2011. Now they’ve taken up the stadium as well, in which we wish them best of luck!