Poland: Lech Poznan aiming at Europe’s top 50 attendance

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Poland: Lech Poznan aiming at Europe’s top 50 attendance While “doing the Poznan” is recognized in many countries, in Poznan itself there’s a different issue being considered. Lech aims at average crowds of 30,000+, but it’s an uphill struggle.


Lech Poznan adapted a strategy of where the club hope to be in 2020. Called simply “Lech 2020”, the plan foresees reaching the level of European top 50 clubs in terms of attendance, among other goals. This would be higher than ever for Lech, but INEA Stadion offers the potential and without the slightest doubt Lech is the only club in Poland to draw such crowds week in, week out.

Except the strategy isn’t anything new, it’s been adapted 3 years ago. At that point the Blue-Whites were higher than before, ranked 87th in Europe with crowds of 22,641 people per game. Since then it’s been going down rather than up. Last season it was just under or over 20,000 (depending on source), while currently the club’s attendance is under 18,000 per game.

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Lech’s marketing and ticketing departments accept the fact that some schemes may have been flawed in recent years. That’s why now a much simplified pricing is in force, having only two price levels for average games, at 30 and 45 zloty ($8 and $12, respectively). In European terms that’s not much, but in Poland it’s one of the highest prices for regular tickets.

Of course Lech offers discounts for various groups and have also reconsidered their European trophy policies after INEA Stadion failed to fill to capacity in this season’s Europa League campaign.

The club estimate that every year about 70,000 to 100,000 newcomers visit INEA Stadion, but “Kolejorz” need to work harder for those fans to return more frequently. Latest efforts are aimed at making regular visits to Bulgarska a habit.