Norway: Sandnes stadium approved by planning committee

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Norway: Sandnes stadium approved by planning committee It may be small, but it will also be among Norway’s most interesting stadiums. Now approved by city urban planning committee, the new Sandnes stadium is awaiting groundbreaking.


Yesterday the Urban Development Planning Committee of Sandnes debated and voted on the new stadium project, to be built north of downtown. Despite heated debate and some concerns expressed on behalf of local residents, the project was approved unanimously and is now pending consultation.

Sandnes Ulf Stadion

The new stadium will hold almost 8,000 people and will be funded privately by the Sandnes Ulf football club. It won’t be built without municipal funds, though. The municipality already provided the team with a NOK 40 million loan. By the time the stadium is finished, Sandnes Ulf will be 75 million in debt, repaying it gradually.

Total budget is now set at 140 million ($17m), slightly down from 150 million last year and it may be built even more cost-effectively. The cost is to be retrieved by sale of corporate packages, naming rights (up to 25 million over 10 years) and lease of additional floor space (over 4,500 square meters).

With the recent decision construction may be launched early into 2017, which in turn means delivery before the end of 2018 is realistic.