Hungary: Another stadium in express mode, now for Miskolc

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Hungary: Another stadium in express mode, now for Miskolc This project is already a year behind initial schedule and hasn’t even started yet. But when it does, all works from demolition of old stadium to delivery of the new one will take just 13 months!


During a special press conference yesterday we heard about the time frame for the long-awaited Diósgyőri Stadion in Miskolc, Hungary. Fully covered stands for 15,000 people will be built in a very rapid pace of just 13 months, including demolition of existing structures.

Earlier it was planned for the project to be launched back in May 2015, but this proved unrealistic as bureaucratic proceedings took much longer than anticipated. Now that there’s full documentation, all approvals and signatures in place, the new stadium may finally go forward.

Diosgyori Stadion

That’s why within days the official tender announcement will be issued, planned to end with contractor selection in August. Should that happen, works on site can begin in September. It’s hoped that players and fans won’t have to leave for long, but whether construction and matchday use can go in the same time will depend on contractor agreement.

Delivery of the new stadium is planned for October 2017 and its price tag should be around HUF 4.5 billion ($16.4m).