Russia 2018: Stands begin to grow in Kaliningrad, minister worried

source: TASS /; author: michał

Russia 2018: Stands begin to grow in Kaliningrad, minister worried Piling works are ending in Kaliningrad, but the city remains the single most delayed in stadium preparations for the 2018 World Cup. Still, it’s the post-tournament use that causes more concern.


Regional authorities in Kaliningrad confirmed that first prefabricated elements of the stands begin to be mounted at the World Cup stadium site. At the same time extensive piling works are almost finished and reinforcement of the October Island riverfront continues.

This update is undoubtedly good and long-awaited news, though Kaliningrad remains the single most delayed host stadium. Average stadium construction progress at this point is 42-45% nationwide, while the westernmost city is just now watching the stadium rise above ground level.

Stadion Kaliningrad

Sports Minister Vitaliy Mutko expressed his concerns about Kaliningrad and stressed during his interview for TASS that all host stadiums are required to reach the roof phase by year end.

Mutko’s primary concern remains what will happen to the stadiums after the FIFA tournament ends in 2018. “Regional authorities should take care about that. At this stage, as we prepare for the events, we will manage the stadiums, but later they will be transferred to regional officials”, Mutko said. Almost all projects planned for the 2018 World Cup are financed by taxpayers, only excluding Otkritie Arena in Moscow.