Austria: Court opens Klagenfurt stadium, but on conditions…

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Austria: Court opens Klagenfurt stadium, but on conditions… The “temporary” seats built for Euro 2008 may be used again, but only if the stadium is made less onerous to local residents. report.


Regional Administrative Court for Klagenfurt decided that all seating available at Wörthersee Stadion should be open to the public. This means a victory for the city and defeat for a group of local residents who demanded a capacity cap.

At the same time, however, the court ruled that there should be a limit on large scale events inside the stadium to 20, of which a maximum of 5 concerts. Noise cap of 70 decibels was imposed and traffic issues should be resolved in order to make the stadium less of a burden to neighbours.

Residents may still appeal the decision, but it’s not clear whether they would pursue further legal action.

As we wrote last year, the stadium was partially closed after it turned out the city had no permission to build a permanent venue for 32,000 people. It was initially meant to be downscaled significantly after Euro 2008, but the process was eventually scrapped.

Worthersee Stadion