Scotland: Aberdeen in new stadium by mid-2019?

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Scotland: Aberdeen in new stadium by mid-2019? During the recent AGM Aberdeen FC Chairman Stewart Milne gave brief information on the new stadium plan. Relocation to Loirston is possible for the 2019/2020 campaign.


On Monday club shareholders and media representatives met for the 112th Annual General Meeting at Pittodrie Stadium. The meeting also touched the subject of long-awaited relocation to a new stadium.

"There is progress with the new stadium in as much as the site that was originally planned out at the Loirston development has changed substantially since we originally got the planning permission. We are now integrating a new Academy on the south side of the city into the overall development and that has delayed things”, said Aberdeen FC Chairman Stewart Milne.

Aberdeen new stadium

“All the different elements within the master plan have to be revised so that for example there is a transport strategy that works for the stadium, works for the school, works for the new settlement that takes place, as well as the new Cove Rangers stadium. All of that work is quietly going on in the background, but it does mean that the time period is getting extended.

"By the time everything is planned out at Loirston, it is going to be well into next year and maybe slightly beyond. Raising the funds in the current environment could be quite challenging, but we would like to think we could be in a new stadium for the start of season 2019/2020. I think that is the type of timescale we are looking at now."