Russia: Krasnodar Coliseum opening postponed until spring

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Russia: Krasnodar Coliseum opening postponed until spring It will be one of Russia’s most amazing stadiums, but “will” is the key word. Planned opening in November proved impossible and a new inauguration date had to be selected.


It will be the final stage of billionaire Sergei Galitsky’s investment in his own football club. Having created one of the world’s best training academies, Galitsky now awaits completion of his 36,000-capacity stadium, future home to FK Krasnodar.

Stadion FK Krasnodar

Stadion FK KrasnodarAfter Leonid Fedun’s Otkritie Arena this will be the second biggest private stadium in Russia, though delivery encountered a slight delay. Previously FK Krasnodar were hopeful for opening with a Europea League group game in November, but the building isn’t ready yet. However, since the team advanced from the group already, February knock-out game is still an option for Europa League opening.

Currently all crucial construction works are complete, but access routes to the stadium are yet to be delivered. Landscaping and furnishing are still ongoing in and around the ground to enable inauguration early into 2016.

The planned FK Krasnodar stadium will hold 36,000 people in a comfortable environment. It will be one of few stadiums globally to have heaters installed under the roof, allowing games to be played even in winter.