Istanbul: Check this illumination out

source:; author: michał

Istanbul: Check this illumination out It’s a modern, but little known stadium in Istanbul. But with clips like this one this might change. Here’s what the showcase illumination of Fatih Terim Stadyumu can do!


It’s one of those stadiums that are unlucky in terms of publicity. Last time you may have heard about Fatih Terim Stadyumu was when a portion of Turkish fans booed the minute of silence after Paris attacks.

Also, despite its location in Istanbul, it’s hardly in the sports spotlight as it’s the home to perhaps least popular major club in the Super Lig. IBFK may have moved to their modern stadium in mid-2017, but their attendances are appalling, under 5,000 on average while being among the strongest Turkish teams on the field.

But none of the above is why we’re mentioning this stadium today. It’s the illumination system by Fiberli that earned our attention. 9,200 meters of LED lighting strips able to display 16 million colours and even very complicated layouts. To be honest, we couldn’t believe it when presented in renderings in 2013, but now we’re bought. Just watch the company’s promo clip: