Germany: Painful launch for Continental Arena

source: /; author: michał

Germany: Painful launch for Continental Arena Instead of Bundesliga that locals dreamt of, fans of Jahn Regensburg are watching 4th league games at the new Continental Arena. In 2016 the stadium will generate loss of €4 million!


Building Continental Arena was supposed to aid Jahn Regenbsurg in their campaign to join the Bundesliga or at least settle confidently in the 2. Bundesliga. But instead the team was soon relegated to 3. Liga and now is playing the Bavarian regional league (4th tier).

This constitutes a horrible twist for the opening season of Continental Arena. The stadium able to hold 15,000 people was filled to capacity only once this season, while attendances of roughly 30% are more common. Jahn isn’t able to share revenue with the municipality and pays only €5,000 per game.

Regensburg’s financial committee is in a very tough spot as the forecast for 2016 suggests revenue of €700,000 and cost of €4.7 million. This makes the stadium even more controversial, though already its construction price (inflated from €30 to €53 million) resulted in criticism.

Continental Arena