Romania: Shocking explosion stops game in Brașov (video)

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Romania: Shocking explosion stops game in Brașov (video) Scenes like from a Hollywood movie, but these were no special effects. Large explosion caught on video destroyed a building near Brașov football stadium during the game. 6 people were injured.


Thursday evening might not have drawn too many people inside the Brașov stadium for a second league game, but those in attendance will have a story to tell. Late into the game a building near the stadium (across the street, roughly 200m) exploded, scattering bricks and rubble all around.

The explosion can be seen in match footage below. The referee stopped the game and restarted it only after it was clear no-one at the stadium is affected.

At the time of writing this article we’re not able to say what exactly happened. The blast took place in a former bakery building, partly destroying its walls and floors. 6 people were injured, two taken into intensive care.