Adding new stadiums: Show us the way!

source:; author: michał

Adding new stadiums: Show us the way! Which countries we should cover better, which are less important for you? Now you can tell us. Well, at least to some extent…


Stadium DataBase is constantly growing and we owe much of that growth to you. Your feedback, news tips, thousands of photos shared – all this allows us to expand. That’s why we’re now asking you to select the next direction for us to go in.

Or, more simply: tell us which country should have more stadiums covered. We’ll be publishing polls at our Twitter account suggesting three countries every time. Your votes will decide which one  has its presentation expanded by new stadiums.

The rules are simple: Polls will be launched every several days with three options each time. The country with most votes at the end of the poll will get 3 new stadiums added to StadiumDB. Second country will be included in the following poll as a second chance, but with two new contenders.

We realize there’s a lot of work ahead of us in many countries, so we shouldn’t limit your choice to only three proposals every several days. But we cannot simply add every stadium we want to, first we need to secure publishing rights and/or gather information, which is why we can only suggest the countries where we have enough material to go with.

Please note: The polling won’t replace our regular updates entirely, it will supplement them and indicate to us which countries/regions you’re most interested in.