Salzburg: Stadium trouble puts Austria in dramatic situation

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Salzburg: Stadium trouble puts Austria in dramatic situation First they had to significantly upgrade their stadium. Then they had to find an alternative ground for high risk games. Now Austria are on the edge of collapsing financially and appeal to everyone for support.


Promotion to the second league was widely considered a well-deserved success for SV Austria Salzburg, the club reborn after being destroyed by Red Bull. To meet league regulations, the club had to build floodlight masts and a new covered grandstand at their Maxglan stadium, straining SVAS’s budget.

As if this wasn’t enough, the venue still doesn’t meet criteria for high risk games. As we wrote before, Austria were barred by Red Bull from using their former home, now named Red Bull Arena. This caused the Violets to seek an alternative ground outside Salzburg that would also require amendments in order to meet all criteria.

All of these expenses brought SVAS to the edge of insolvency. On Friday Austria launched a dramatic appeal to their fans for financial support. Everyone caring for this traditional club may contribute via bank account or paypal.