New stadiums: Wonderful sights from Faroe Islands

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New stadiums: Wonderful sights from Faroe Islands Southernmost stadium of one of the Faroe Islands and northernmost ground of the entire country. These may be small, but the sights are in fact priceless!


Faroe Islands

Inni í Vika, Argir (2,000)

Faroe Islands© Jörg Pochert

Southernmost stadium of the Streymoy Island lies in the village of Argir, just south of Faroe Islands capital of Torshavn. It has one grandstand in the south, which holds 415 seated people. Along with along hoardings it provides room for some 2,000 people at peak.

The stadium’s host is  Argja Bóltfelag. The club has several teams, primary one fighting in the domestic top league.


Á Mølini Fótbóltsvøllurin, Eiði (500)

Faroe Islands© Jörg Pochert

While it’s only a regular field with clubhouse along the south side, this ground is recognizable worldwide as one of Faroe Islands’ most iconic sports venues. This is owed to the stunning location between the Norwegian Sea and Lake Niðara Vatn, a piece of which had to be covered with soil to fit a football field. Also, this stadium is the country’s northernmost sports ground.

Until 1993 it hosted the village club of EB, which then merged with larger Streymur, currently operating with two main stadiums for their numerous youth and female teams.