Moscow: 90% of the Luzhniki concrete structure ready

source: Interfax /

Moscow: 90% of the Luzhniki concrete structure ready Russia 2018’s final stadium already has 90% of its main concrete structure in place. By year end it will be done, leaving less challenging works for 2016.

Recent fire may have brought it to the spotlight, but the national stadium at Luzhniki is under no threat of delays. Most recent data released by the Moscow construction department suggest the stadium’s concrete superstructure is already at nearly 90%.

Fast progress won’t end here. In fact, the crucial concrete works on site will be delivered by year end. This will leave installation of prefabricated steps for 81,000 future fans for early 2016. For the first time in its history, the Luzhniki stadium will have two tiers and no room for a running track.

Finishing the in situ concrete works by the end of 2015 will avoid pouring concrete during the year’s coldest months. Instead, workers will move under the stands to finish crucial installations and systems, like electricity or ventilation, both already underway.

Just as announced earlier, the stadium will be ready in 2016, much exceeding initial estimates.