Germany: Darmstadt will have a new stadium

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Germany: Darmstadt will have a new stadium Groundbreaking is planned for 2016 and the phased development should be done by 2018. 19,000 covered capacity will include lower standing paddocks and upper seating.


19,000 covered seating and terracing by 2018 – that’s the project accepted yesterday by the Darmstadt city council. The scheme ends consultation with SV Darmstadt 98 and its supporters, who opted for a very traditional stadium with high percentage of terracing.

Today Darmstadt has the second smallest and by far the most outdated stadium throughout the Bundesliga. Need of investment is apparent, but thorough discussions resulted in a scheme that will resemble old English stadiums rather than a regular Bundesliga stadium.

Instead one terraced grandstand and the rest sections seated, the division will be made vertically: lower paddock for standing fans and upper sections with seats. The entire project will run in phases starting in 2016 and should cost around €33 million.

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