Italy: New Parma sets season ticket record in hours

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Italy: New Parma sets season ticket record in hours It may only be a 4th league record, but reborn Parm Calcio managed to sell over 4,000 season tickets in just 77 hours! Morale is high as the team returns to life following bankruptcy.


In case you missed it or simply don’t follow Italian Serie A, there’s no Parma FC in the league any more. The team went bust in March and was disbanded. On July 27 Parma Calcio 1913 was founded and two days later they began selling season tickets for their 4th league (Serie D) debut.

Noi siamo ParmaThe goal set for a month-long sale was set at 4,000. But instead of a month, the club waited just 77 hours to reach their goal! By now sale is already at 4,549 and it’s only on Monday that season tickets go on sale outside of the internet.

This number is significantly above previous Serie D record (3,774) set by Siena already 28 days before deadline.

Depending on interest Parma Calcio will decide upon which parts of Stadio Ennio Tardini they’ll open for the 2015/16 season. So far it was planned to sell tickets only for the west and north stands, but capacity of the north stand already went upwards to 5,000 in order to meet demand. Overall capacity of the stadium is nearly 28,000, while one approved by authorities stands at over 21,000.

Cheapest season tickets for the 4th league debut were set at €25 and none of them are available any more online (a portion was saved for offline buyers). Other seats at the north end are priced at €99 and €199 (counting more on fans’ devotion than actual value for money). Main grandstand is between €265 and €995.