Sarajevo: Another bomb found at Grbavica

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Sarajevo: Another bomb found at Grbavica That’s no war residue. Stadion Grbavica had a bomb planted for the second time this year. Thankfully it was removed safely, just like the last one.


Today just before noon police in Sarajevo received a tip about possible bomb hidden at Stadion Grbavica. Having arrived on site, officers indeed found a package in one of stadium side entries.

The bomb was safely removed after the area was sealed off. The entire stadium was then inspected in fear of further findings. There is no officially released theory regarding the incident’s cause and according to unconfirmed information the package could have contained one or more hand grenades.

Stadion Grbavica

Inspection of the entire stadium seems very sensible especially that it’s already the second incident of this kind in just two months. On April 15 officers found a backpack with similar contents. Perpetrators were not found.

Neither of these incidents was directly associated with particular events held/planned at the stadium. Grbavica, the home ground of Bosnian powerhouse Željezničar, was closed and not scheduled to host any games within a week from both bomb plantings.