NFL: MetLife introduces metal detectors for fans

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NFL: MetLife introduces metal detectors for fans In many countries this would be considered overzealous, but in the NFL safety is paramount, even if controversially executed. Now more clubs are switching to metal-detecting gates in all entrances.


The world’s most expensive stadium in New York’s suburbs yesterday launched 92 metal detectors similar to those at airports. They’re spread across five main gates and will be used for every event from now on.

Magnetometers, commonly known as mags, are s feature fairly unseen in global sports, but NFL is known for extreme safety precautions. Previously at MetLife Stadium fans were checked with hand-held metal detectors, which is consider more time-consuming and invasive for supporters.

MetLife StadiumFot: Anthony Quintano

That’s why $500,000 was invested in new gates, similar to those at airports. Walking through them is expected to be faster and less stressful, that’s why such gates were recommended by the NFL to all clubs/stadiums of the league. MetLife Stadium is the third to introduce them, following Levi’s Stadium and Oakland Coliseum.

However, the new gates aren’t easy to get accustomed with, as visitors of Yankee Stadium found out. Whether at Yankees or NY City FC games, fans were confused and chaotic scenes ensued. With MetLife Stadium it’s hoped to not be the case. Primarily because the stadium will have three stewards / security guards at each gate, one specifically to coordinate visitor flow through the gates.

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